New Epic reports make care transitions easier

March 20, 2013

New reports containing important patient care information from Epic will be attached to existing notifications to primary care providers.

This is one outcome of the Epic Community Access workgroup that was focused on improving communication to affiliated providers.

When a specific admission, discharge or transfer event happens, this currently “triggers” an automated communication to the PCP. The triggered report will now contain more meaningful information about patient care, such as the problem list, medications or patient disposition.

Reports are sent to either the PCP’s Epic InBasket or office fax number, depending on their preference.

The seven events that will trigger a report are:

  1. Direct admit to hospital
  2. Admit from ED to hospital
  3. Discharge from ED
  4. Discharge from inpatient
  5. Discharge as newborn
  6. Discharge from short stay
  7. Discharge as deceased

“Epic is a very powerful system that generates a seemingly infinite amount of data,” says Todd Guenzburger, M.D., CMIO for the Oregon Region and workgroup chair. “For that data to be meaningful, it needs to parsed and presented to the provider appropriately.
"One of our goals," he adds, "was to turn this information into actionable knowledge for providers so they, in turn, can take better care of their patients once they leave a Providence ministry.”