Epic quick tip: Flag function alerts you to new results

Brent Kimberly, D.O.
Informatics Operations Council co-chair
Providence St. Vincent Medical Center

July 16, 2014

Adding the "new result flag" to your patient list will allow you to know immediately when a new lab, X-ray or EKG is uploaded into Epic.

Routine results are indicated by a single exclamation mark, and panic results are indicated by a double exclamation:

  1. Clicking directly on the exclamation mark takes you to the results, which are displayed in bold.
  2. Clicking on the "time mark" button indicates that the results have been viewed.
  3. The flag (exclamation mark) will disappear from your patient list and the displayed results will turn from bold to normal font.
  4. An exclamation mark will reappear every time a new result is uploaded into Epic.

Epic chart 1

For help adding the new results flag column to your patient list, call a clinical informatics specialist at 503-216-4636 (INFO) or contact Barbara Ju, RN, MPH, at 503-216-5615.