Maternity case management

Typically you will meet with a Providence Beginnings maternity case manager at your prenatal care clinic on the same day as your appointment with your prenatal care provider. We may also talk with you by phone. We’ll ask about your specific priorities and discuss how we can support you, your baby and family. We’ll coordinate with your prenatal care provider and other members of your medical team as needed. Our purpose is to help you have a healthy pregnancy and baby.

We’ll help you by providing:

  • Emotional support during and after your pregnancy
  • Educational material
  • Referrals to childbirth preparation and parenting classes
  • Help with understanding health insurance, including the Oregon Health Plan
  • Referrals to resources such as WIC, TANF and SNAP
  • Information and support regarding mood concerns or postpartum depression
  • Support to quit smoking and referrals to smoking cessation programs
  • Connections to mental health services, substance abuse treatment and domestic violence services
  • Help with developing a plan of care that is shared with your provider and the hospital where you’ll deliver your baby
  • Coordination with health care and community providers to help you get the services you and your baby need
  • Breast-feeding education and support, referrals to lactation resources
  • Referrals to community resources, such as a home visiting nurse, new moms group, or a parenting support program

If you would like this support during your pregnancy, ask your provider for a referral to Providence Beginnings. These services are free and available to all patients who will deliver at a Providence hospital.