Also known as: Interstitial breast brachytherapy, MammoSite radiation

MammoSite is a treatment option for early-stage breast cancer following breast-conserving surgery. Current standard treatment for early-stage breast cancer includes adjuvant radiotherapy to the whole breast, delivered five days per week over a period of six weeks with the goal of decreasing local tumor recurrence after lumpectomy.

MammoSite involves the temporary placement of a balloon in the lumpectomy cavity and filled with saline and a contast agent. Following treatment planning, the balloon is hooked up to an afterloader, which implants a radioactive source temporarily into the balloon to deliver the prescribed radiation dose. 

MammoSite breast brachytherapy is one approach to accelerated partial breast irradiation, which shortens the treatment time after lumpectomy over whole breast irradiation from 25 to 35 days to just twice daily for five days.

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