Intensity-modulated radiation therapy (IMRT)

Also known as: IMRT

Intensity-modulated radiation therapy is a specialized form of 3D-CRT that allows radiation to better conform to fit the tumor. IMRT allows physicians to deliver a highly precise form of radiation therapy by simultaneously directing different intensities of radiation to the same region of the body. IMRT, for instance, is important in treating head and neck cancer. There are many critical structures in the head and neck region (eyes, salivary glands, brainstem, jaw, thyroid gland, spinal cord) immediately adjacent to the treatment region, which must be protected from excess radiation. With the use of IMRT, doctors can precisely deliver radiation to the tumor region while protecting the adjacent critical structures. This treatment significantly reduces side effects and improves a patient’s quality of life. IMRT is commonly used to treat cancers arising from the prostate, head and neck, brain, and anus. However, it can be effective in any instance during which high precision is necessary to shield healthy structures from excess radiation.

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