Infusion pain management

Also known as: Intravenous pain management, Patient controlled analgesia, PCA
Intravenous pain management is a safe method that allows patients to give their own pain medications with the push of a button, as prescribed by a physician, offering rapid pain relief. Pain medicine is most commonly delivered through an IV by an ambulatory, programmable infusion pump (PCA – patient controlled analgesia), which is set to meet the patient’s needs as prescribed by a physician. A nurse comes to the patient’s home and programs the pump to allow dosages that provide comfort without the risk of overmedicating. When necessary, the nurse can also make programming changes as recommended by the physician, eliminating the need for the patient to return to the hospital or physician office.
Providence Infusion Pharmacy offers a welcome alternative to lengthy hospital stays for medically stable patients requiring injectable therapies. Our highly trained clinical pharmacists and registered infusion nurses work together with physicians to meet the individual needs of patients of all ages.