Infusion hydration

Patients can become dehydrated due to an illness, surgery or accident. Dehydration occurs when patients are losing necessary fluids at a rate faster than they are retaining fluids. By giving hydration therapy through an IV line, the patient receives the necessary fluids faster than by drinking them. In this treatment, patients are given basic IV solutions containing sterile water with small amounts of sodium (salt) or dextrose (sugar). Patients who are stable and who don’t require hospitalization can have their IV hydration therapy administered in the comfort of their own home.

Common diagnosis for hydration therapy:
  • Pregnant women often become dehydrated when suffering form “morning sickness”.
  • Elderly patients who become dehydrated from flu-like illnesses.
  • Athletic activity in very hot weather can cause acute dehydration.
  • Chemotherapy patients often receive hydration therapy following their treatment.
  • Post-operative tonsillectomy patients often receive IV hydration to prevent complications.
  • Severe diarrhea due to illness
  • Prolonged high fever due to illness

Providence Infusion Pharmacy offers a welcome alternative to lengthy hospital stays for medically stable patients requiring injectable therapies. Our highly trained clinical pharmacists and registered infusion nurses work together with physicians to meet the individual needs of patients of all ages.