Hospice facility specialist volunteer

Hospice facility specialist volunteers are assigned to visit hospice patients in selected care facilities. The facility specialist is assigned to a specific facility as a hospice representative as well as to our patients who live there. They will maintain a dual focus as a supportive visitor to both the staff and the hospice patients.

Forms Instructions

Portland Metro Hospice Volunteer Program Training Schedule

Providence Hospice offers a free comprehensive course of training to prepare people who are interested in becoming hospice volunteers in the Portland area.

Palliative Care Services in Southern Oregon

Providence Home Health Palliative Care is an extension of our traditional Home Health program. Patients needing palliative care often have complex needs that require specialized care.

Volunteer trainings in Clackamas County

Providence Hospice serves the Clackamas County region and offers a comprehensive course for anyone desiring to become a hospice volunteer or seeking in-depth understanding of hospice care and end-of-life issues.