Successful Fundraising Practices

All the fundraising teams are doing amazing work to reach their goal. They are coming up with unique and successful methods. Since we are all in this together attempting to reach our total fundraising goal, I think it would be helpful to share our campaigns with each other so that we can learn what works so we can better fund-raise as a team.

Here are fundraisers and tips, which have been implemented by teams thus far. We would love to hear about successful campaigns, so we can add them to this list. Email them to

Email list: create an email spreadsheet, which includes friends, family, colleagues, and social media friends. It has been found that sending personalized emails and messages really help create a connection between you and the donor

Chili Cook-off: Mark Hasse and “Dawne’s Dirty Dozen” are planning a Chili Cook-off in which all proceeds go toward their fundraising goal.

Christmas presents: Some participants have requested that they not receive any Christmas presents this year and instead have their presents be in the form of donations be given to the fight against cancer.

Quilt auction: Each member of team “To The Beaches” is creating a quilt square. When they combine them they will form a quilt which they will auction off.

Charity matching: Many teams have found success in asking their employer if that can match money in which they raise toward cancer research.

Holiday wreaths: Aurora Taylor and “Mustaches and Minishirts” are selling holiday wreaths this winter.

Business Cards: An easy way to get your message to people is to make business cards with your team mission and how they donate to your cause. Include a brief summary of what you are doing and a link to your Crowdrise page.

Email us with your fundraising successes and we will post it on this page for all the other 49 fundraising teams to see and gain inspiration from!

Mickey Godfrey