Social Media Campaign

Social media is a great way to spread the word about what you're doing and encourage others to take part in making your fundraising goals a reality. Below are some key approaches and ideas that can help you and your team conduct a successful social media campaign all year long.

Keys approaches:

Post in moderation – Don't overflow social media newsfeeds asking for donations. Too many of these notes are annoying and can deter people from contributing to your cause.

Promote the cause – Remind them of why you are fundraising, to fight cancer and find a cure. Tell personal stories or why fighting cancer motivates you to raise money and race. The more you are able to humanize your efforts the more you will be able to connect with potential donors on an emotional level.

Simplify – Provide easy access to your online fundraising (Crowdrise) site where people can donate and learn more about your team. Always include a shortened link in your posts to make your site easily accessible.


Facebook team page – Create a group page and make your teammates administrators. This will allow everyone on the team to contribute to and edit the page. Invite your Facebook friends to be part of your group. Update them with news of your team's training and fundraising progress throughout the year.

Team hashtag – Create a hashtag to use on all Twitter and Instagram posts. This is a great way to organize your team's posts and provide a place where people can follow your progress simply by searching your hashtag during race weekend and throughout the year.

Update your progress – Talk with people about your fundraising goals. Update them on your progress all year so they can follow your journey. They may not contribute initially, but as you prove your dedication and commitment throughout the year, you may gain their support.

Training – You're not only fundraising all year long, you're also training for “The Mother Of All Relays!” Tell people about your training and the progress you've made in preparing for the race in August.