How to Kick Start You're Fundraising

While it may be easier said than done, raising $1,000 is achievable. The following steps will give you an idea of how you and your team members can reach your individual goals.

The amount of money contributed in each step can vary according to your specific situation.

1. Get the ball rolling by donating to your own fundraising effort
2. Request $50 each from five family members
3. Request $25 each from 13 friends and other family members
4. Request $20 each from 10 coworkers
5. Request $100 as a company contribution from your boss
6. Request $15 from five neighbors $75
Total  $1,500

Add 4 more steps and you can reach $1,500

Once you reach your $1,000 goal, try four more steps to go beyond and raise $500 dollars more for the fight against cancer.

7. Find five local businesses you visit often and ask for $25 donations each.  $125
8. Ask for $10 each from five members of an organization which you belong to
9. Hold a fundraising event in your community. (ex. Garage sale, car wash.)
10. Request $25 donations each from your doctor, lawyer, etc.
 Total  $1,500

Add one more step to raise another $500 to reach $2,000!

Harness the power of social media to raise an additional $500. Refer to the resource guide “Creating a Social Media Campaign” for all the tools to make this a success.

 Total $2,000