Fundraising ideas: The Office

Here are some fundraising ideas to take to the work place. If you work for an employer that has large number of employees, you'll have many opportunities to connect with numerous individuals and tell them your story.

Corporate matching gift – Ask your employer if they will match the donations you raise or receive from co-workers.

Corporate sponsorship – Contact several companies you feel may understand your story and goal. Ask if they'd be willing to sponsor you throughout your efforts. Give back to them by incorporating their name into your team name or imprinting their logo on your race t-shirt.

Company grants – Ask your employer if they offer grants to employees who volunteer for a charitable cause outside of work. Participate in charity work and then put the money your company provides toward your fundraising goal.

Donated sport box seats – If your company has box seats or tickets to a major sporting team in the area, have them donate the tickets to you and hold a raffle. Charge a certain amount for each raffle ticket you sell. Be sure to let people know that all funds raised will go to your team's fundraising goal – supporting cancer services and advancing research to end cancer.

Dress down day – Ask your company to allow an official dress down day. Co-workers can donate $20 toward your fundraising efforts for the privilege of dressing casually at the office for the day.

Extra vacation day raffle – Per company policy, suggest your company sell tickets at $20 each for an extra paid vacation day. Money raised will go toward your team's fundraising.

Company newsletter – Write a small article or series of articles throughout the year for the company newsletter or email to let co-workers know about your goals.

Fundraising challenge – Create a challenge in which co-workers compete against each other to raise funds for your team or individual goal. Give the person who raises the most money tickets to a movie, sporting event, or gift certificate to a restaurant.

Company Logo – Talk to your employer about including their logo on your race shirt if they donate toward your fundraising efforts. The larger the donation is, the larger the logo could be on your shirt.

Curse Jar – Set up a jar in the office and help clear the air at the same time. Whenever a co-worker curses or says a bad word, he or she must put money in the Jar.

Bake sale – Bake cookies, cupcakes or muffins and sell them to co-workers. You can host a sales table yourself for a short time (e.g. before work begins or during lunchtime) and talk to people about your efforts to raise money to fight cancer by participating in Hood To Coast.

Donuts/bagels – On your way into work, buy a box of donuts or bagels and sell them at your office for $1 each. Safeway will donate up to $25 worth of food for you to use as a fundraiser. This increases the amount of money you receive from each purchase.

Mickey Godfrey