Fundraising ideas: Services

Babysitting – Connect with friends or family that you know and offer to babysit their kids for a night. Use the money you earn to meet your HTC fundraising goal.

Car wash – Talk with your local fire or gas station about setting up a car wash in their parking lot for several hours on a weekend. Look for busy intersections where there is high traffic.

Dog wash – Follow the same techniques as outlined above for the car wash

Neighborhood chores – Ask your neighbors to hire you to do their chores. Watering, cleaning roof gutters, sweeping, raking, dog walking are just a few examples of the services you could provide. Advertise your skills throughout the neighborhood by hanging signs to let why you are raising money.

Stadium clean up – Contact a local venue and offer to provide cleaning services after an event. Then gather your team, friends and family to help accomplish the work.

Garage sale – Organize a garage sale as an individual or team fundraising event. Place an ad in your local paper, pass out fliers, post info on social media, and ask friends to pass the word. Gather items you can sell, and ask teammates and friends to do the same. Have a donation jar at the sale as well as a flier describing your efforts and how people can access your online donation site (crowdrise).

Used book sale – Follow the same principles outlined for the garage sale, above.

Homemade items – Visit your local craft store and create items to auction or sell. Have each team member decorate a fabric quilt square, create a quilt and sell the finished quilt. Purchase fabric and make scarves. Buy flip- flops and decorate them with crafts to “bling” them out.

Mickey Godfrey