Fundraising Ideas: Party Ideas

Cocktail Party - Host a “donate to cancer” cocktail party. Set up a fishbowl or jar and have everyone throw in a dollar for every drink you make during the party. Alternatively have individuals pay a larger amount for unlimited drinks all night. (Example. $3 dollars per drink, $10 dollars for unlimited drinks) Make sure to emphasize where the money is going, as well as how it is helping your team achieve your goal, and run Hood To Coast. Please ensure that you drink responsibly and do not drink and drive. We want to make sure you are healthy and ready to run in the summer!

Board games – Invite friends over for a board game night and charge admission at the door. Classic games such as Scrabble, Life, Clue, and Yahtzee are great to play and socialize over.

Poker night – Host a poker tournament and have all the night's money go toward the team’s fundraising goal.

Movie night – Rent or purchase movies OnDemand and invite your friends over for a movie marathon. Make popcorn or food, provide drinks, and give people the opportunity to make donations toward the cause, extra donations for getting to pick the movie. Ex. Hood To Coast Movie!

Wine and cheese – Hire or recruit local suppliers to provide the wine and cheese. You can then sell tickets and use all proceeds to meet your fundraising goal.

Silent auction – Organize a weekend getaway package, a nice bottle of wine, a reservation at a bed and breakfast, and some donated concert, museum, or play tickets. Hold a silent auction for these by having individuals email bids or submit printed forms. The highest bidder wins the prize with the money going toward your individual team or fundraising goal.

Mickey Godfrey