How We Got the Heart To Start


Do you have the heart to Start?
James Beckerman, M.D. has put together an eight-week exercise prescription to live longer, beat heart disease, and run your best race.

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The success of the self-help industry is proof enough that we're already pretty motivated to become our best selves - and people are more well-informed today than ever before. But we keep looking for solutions in the same place - a self-help industry that isolates us by making us focus on just...ourselves.

What would happen if instead of focusing so much on the "self," we focused instead on the "help?" What if the most direct path toward helping yourself was helping other people achieve their goals? Rather than fill a prescription in isolation, what would happen if we built a team and healed ourselves together?

These are the questions that Heart To Start is trying to answer. In 2012, Providence Heart Institute cardiologist James Beckerman, M.D. organized a series of weekly community workouts to train to walk or run a 5K. Since then, we have expanded to four other cities and watched our own community come together in an inclusive environment to celebrate new goals and the path to achieve them together. In 2015, Dr. Beckerman published the Heart To Start book, which provides a road map toward cardiac recovery and a training program to take next steps together. In 2017, we launched our Heal it Forward initiative, which adds action to our activity and moves beyond self-help toward helping ourselves. We are learning that doing good for others makes us feel better. Heart To Start joins other programs at Basecamp Cardiac Prevention + Wellness in creating opportunities for our communities to give back to others.

What started as a small group of friends, recovering patients and family members has grown into a movement. We would love you to join us. Do you have the Heart to Start?