HEART STRONG cardiac physical therapy

Also known as: Cardiac physical therapy

Regular exercise is essential for healthy heart function, however, beginning an exercise program may be intimidating after a heart attack, heart valve surgery, bypass surgery, diagnosis of heart failure or diagnosis of vascular disease.

Common questions may arise, such as:

"What’s the best kind of exercise I can do?"

"How often should I exercise?"

"How do I know if I am exercising safely?"

HEART STRONG Cardiac Physical Therapy is for any person with functional limitations associated with heart disease.

Limitations may include:

  • Physical weakness
  • Balance problems
  • Difficulty walking up stairs, completing household tasks or grocery shopping due to poor endurance or fatigue
  • Difficulty performing an exercise program due to cardiac symptoms
  • Poor understanding of activity precautions and exercise guidelines following cardiac surgery or a heart failure diagnosis
  • Fear of exercise due to heart condition

HEART STRONG participants receive individualized physical therapy evaluation and treatment. The goal is to give you the tools needed to recognize your cardiac symptoms, modify your activity, perform a personalized exercise program and improve your quality of life.

See the current list of HEART STRONG clinic locations. Please speak with your physician or call our Providence Gateway Rehab clinic at 503-216-5410 for more information.

Physician referral is required.