Our Services

Breast-feeding preparation online program

Learn about breast-feeding in the comfort of your home. This interactive web-based program includes numerous video segments and interviews with lactation consultants to help you understand the basics of breast-feeding.

New Moms' Groups

Becoming a mom can be the most rewarding experience that will ever happen to you. It can also be exhausting and confusing at times.

Online childbirth education classes

Providence offers online childbirth education programs to be done in the comfort of your own home. These are ideal for women whose schedules...

Persistent pain classes

When people understand how pain really works, their pain decreases. This class is designed to help you understand how pain works in the body and brain. You will learn about what pain really is and how much your own actions and thoughts can improve your pain and help you return to your life.  

Pregnancy and Parenting classes

Parenting with Providence: Are you expecting a new addition to your family? Our classes include: Childbirth Preparation Breast-feeding...

Tobacco Counseling

Ready to quit smoking? We can help.