Are you at risk for a fall in your home?

Take this self-assessment test to find out.  

As we age, the risk of falling becomes more serious.  Broken bones often result from falls, and these can lead to lifelong disability.  Even if someone is not hurt by a full, the fear of falling again can limit a person’s activities.
Falls do not have to happen.  Most falls happen at home.  Nearly half are caused by hazards that could have been prevented.  

By making a few changes in your home and in your habits, you can greatly reduce your risk of falling.  

Use this risk assessment tool to identify places and situations that put you at risk for a fall. 

You’ll never be 100 percent fall-proof,  but if you make changes where you can, you’ll be doing what you can to keep a fall from tripping you up for life!   

IMPORTANT TIP:  Some medications may increase your risk of falling.  Keep with you a list of all medication you take, including herbal supplements.  Be sure to list medication name, strength and how often you take it.   Take this list with you to doctor’s appointments so that you can talk with your doctor about them.  By discontinuing those you do not need, you may prevent a fall.  

For assistance in keeping track of your medications, see our medication management tip sheet and personal medication record.