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Philanthropy is key to scientific discovery and clinical advancement. Donor support helped establish cancer research at Providence and inspired donors continue to fund leading-edge research and technology to make scientific discoveries and new cancer therapies possible. We invite you to join us in our mission to finish cancer.

Support the Robert W. Franz Chair for Clinical Research


Since the founding of our cancer program in 1993, we have become a model for translational research – medical doctors and research scientists working together, integrating new pre-clinical findings with current treatment regimens.

Brendan D. Curti, M.D., has made an incredible impact on this critical work since his arrival at Providence in 2002. Dr. Curti was a Senior Investigator at the National Cancer Institute and Associate Professor at the Penn State College of Medicine before joining Providence Cancer Institute as the Director of the Cytokine and Adoptive Immunotherapy Program, Genitourinary Oncology Research and Co-Director of the Melanoma Program.

Dr. Curti’s research and clinical interests include developing vaccines and other novel immune-based treatments for prostate cancer, kidney cancer and melanoma. He is a leader in developing immunotherapy studies. Since joining Providence, Dr. Curti has written, led or co-led more than 35 clinical trials. Twenty of these trials were Phase I first-in-human studies. He treated the first cancer patient in the world with anti-OX40 therapy, an immunotherapy agent developed at Providence and now in world-wide testing by major pharmaceutical companies.

To recognize Dr. Curti for the pivotal role he plays in advancing treatments for cancer patients, we launched an effort to create the Robert W. Franz Endowed Chair for Clinical Research. When the $2.5 million chair is funded, Dr. Curti will be its first recipient. Interest earned from the endowment will provide an ongoing source of funding for Dr. Curti’s research to support more first-in-human clinical trials of novel immunotherapy treatments for patients with cancer.

Outright gifts, pledges over time, and gifts through non-monetary assets are welcomed.

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Join the Bowen Challenge


What if, when a patient is first diagnosed with cancer, we could look at the tumor type and immune system, and immediately provide personalized immunotherapy for that patient? For the 1,500 patients enrolled in clinical trials at Providence, it would mean faster and more effective treatments, giving each one hope for longer life.

But, to do that, we need the equipment and technology to collect all of the data, and talent to analyze it as quickly as possible.

Thanks to a generous $1 million commitment from Providence St. Vincent Medical Foundation Trustee, Walt Bowen, that day is closer than ever. Walt is offering his contribution as part of the Bowen Challenge to encourage others to join him in raising an additional $3 million to create a robust core for cancer immunotherapy bioinformatics at Providence Cancer Institute.

This gift serves as the catalyst in our efforts to provide dedicated pathology support, expand our digital imaging and bioinformatics teams, and support the clinical research efforts of our breast cancer immunotherapist, David B. Page, M.D. Your support will help us analyze more tumors at a faster rate, with the potential to extend the lives of many more patients, bringing them closer to a life without cancer.

Join the Bowen Challenge and help us raise $3 million by December 31, 2018 to advance personalized immunotherapy for patients with cancer.

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Contact Shari Scales at 503-215-6220 for information.

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There are a variety of convenient ways to give in support of our research. Every gift makes a difference, large and small. Together, we can finish cancer.

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