Computational Immuno-oncology Laboratory

The Computational Immuno-oncology Lab, led by assistant member Brady M. Bernard, Ph.D., develops and applies computational approaches to study the relationship between the immune system and cancer. Example areas of investigation include therapeutic target discovery and drug development, neoantigen pipeline development in support of clinical adoptive cell therapy, and integrative analysis of clinical and multi-omic data. Learn more. 

Bernard Lab

Computational Immuno-oncology Laboratory (pictured left to right): 

Christopher Dubay, Ph.D., bioinformatics scientist 
Joe Slagel, genomics software engineer 
Joe Fass, Ph.D., bioinformatics scientist 
John Ranola, Ph.D., bioinformatics scientist 
Venkatesh Rajamanickam, bioinformatics scientist 
Brady M. Bernard, Ph.D., assistant member and associate director 

Not pictured: Theo Killian, bioinformatics scientist