Basic Immunology Laboratory

The goal of the Basic Immunology Laboratory, led by Andrew D. Weinberg, Ph.D., is to understand the biology of the immune system in the context of cancer. The lab has focused on the immunostimulatory protein OX40, and how this molecule can be exploited as an immunotherapeutic drug. Preclinical work led to a phase I trial where anti-OX40 was used in patients with cancer to augment the immune response. Furthermore, the lab has discovered a novel subset of tumor-reactive CD8+ T-cells in a recent study. Understanding the presence, role and dynamics of this population in different malignancies will aid the development of adoptive T-cell therapy approaches as well as aid in understanding how other cancer immunotherapies work. Learn more.

Basic Immunology Laboratory Team

Basic Immunology Lab team group photo

Pictured left to right:
Alexandra Fryé, research associate (alumnus)
Michael Beymer, research associate
Nick Morris, Ph.D., scientist (retired)
Rebekka Duhen, Ph.D., scientist
Andrew D. Weinberg, Ph.D., member and Judith Ann Hartmann Endowed Chair


Lana Chisholm
Alexandra Fryé
Michael Gough, Ph.D.
Lisa Lukaesko, Ph.D.
Ryan Montler
Amy Moran, Ph.D.
Nick Morris, Ph.D.
Fanny Polesso
William Redmond, Ph.D.
Carl Ruby, Ph.D.
Christopher Tucker, Ph.D.
Jonna Vercellini
Todd Triplett, Ph.D.
Nicole Vasilevsky, Ph.D.
Colin Thalhofer, Ph.D.
Magdalena Kovacscovics-Bankowski, Ph.D.
Rodney Prell, Ph.D.
Castle Funatake. Ph.D.
Arden Morris, MD
Trygg Ramstad, MD
John Petty, MD
MaryClare Sarff, MD