Antitumor T-cell Response Laboratory

The major goal of the Antitumor T-cell Response Laboratory, led by Dr. Eric Tran, is to develop more effective T-cell based immunotherapies to treat patients with metastatic epithelial cancers. The Human Applications Laboratory, a core laboratory facility of the Earle A. Chiles Research Institute, is fully capable of generating personalized T-cell products for the treatment of patients with cancer on future clinical trials conducted at Providence Cancer Institute. Read more.

Antitumor T-Cell Response Lab Team

Antitumor T-Cell Response Laboratory Team

First row (left to right):
Benedict Cahill, research associate
Chunhong Zheng, Ph.D., postdoctoral fellow
Huayu (Jessica) Huang, research associate
Nelson Sanjuan, research associate

Second row (left to right):
Eric Tran, Ph.D., assistant member
Joe Fass, Ph.D., scientist
Timothy Erickson, research student
Irene Shih, Ph.D., scientist

Susan Mueller