Anti-Cancer Immune Response Laboratory

The Anti-Cancer Immune Response Laboratory, led by Thomas Duhen, Ph.D., studies the biology of tumor-reactive T lymphocytes and their interaction with other cell types present in the tumor microenvironment. The main goal of the lab is to determine the impact of those interactions on patients’ immune responses to cancer. 

It is now well established that the immune system plays a key role in controlling tumor cell growth by recognizing and destroying tumor cells through T cell-mediated mechanisms. This led to a paradigm shift about how cancer patients are treated, referred to as “cancer immunotherapy,” and resulted in remarkable responses in a subset of patients. However, not all patients respond to those treatments and progress needs to be made to increase the fraction of responding patients. We believe that a better understanding of those interactions will help design new drug regimens for patients with cancer. Learn more


Anti-Cancer Immune Response Laboratory team:

Thomas Duhen, Ph.D., assistant member
Olivier Fesneau, Ph.D, postdoctoral fellow
Kimberly Samson, research associate