Flow Cytometry Core

“Highly-sophisticated polychromatic flow cytometry techniques allow investigators to measure anti-tumor immune responses on a cellular level.”

The Flow Cytometry Core is a heavily utilized and valuable resource to all intramural investigators.

The Flow Cytometry Core provides sample processing, staining, data acquisition and analysis under the supervision of experienced technicians who assist in the design and execution of multi-color flow cytometry and cell sorting experiments.


The Flow Cytometry Core is equipped with a BD Fortessa, BD LSRII, Beckman Coulter Cytoflex, BD FACS Aria II Cell Sorter with BSL2 Containment System, BD FACS Calibur, CTL ImmunoSpot ELISpot, Luminex Bio-Plex 100 and Guava PCA-96, among other state-of-the-art immunological monitoring and flow cytometry resources.