Driver assessment

As we age, driving can become more difficult – even scary. The Providence Driving Assessment can help determine if it is safe for someone to continue driving. An occupational therapist works with each client to determine driver safety. The assessment includes:

  • Review of the client’s driving history
  • Visual screening
  • Physical screening to measure range of motion, strength and coordination
  • Cognitive and perceptual screening
  • Evaluation of functional mobility

An on-the-road driving test is not part of the evaluation. This assessment measures a person’s ability to drive safely. It can ease concerns about drivers who experience health-related incidents or declining health but who wish to continue driving.

After illness, injury or disability, people in our community turn to Providence Rehabilitation Services for help in regaining strength and independence. Last year, Providence Rehabilitation served more than 86,000 adults and children.  

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AARP driver safety program

The AARP Driver Safety Progam is a refresher course for drivers age 50 and older.