DRibbles Vaccine

One reason why the immune system doesn’t automatically kill all cancer cells is that some cancers are very good at hiding. The DRibbles vaccine, developed by Providence researchers and still in the early stages of research, may offer a new way to help the immune system focus attention on cancers it may not have noticed before.

How It Works

“DRibbles” is an acronym for the waste products and debris that routinely collect on the outside of cancer cells. Left to pile up inside the cancer, this debris may draw a strong reaction from the immune system. However, debris is typically cleared out before the immune system has a chance to notice it. The DRibbles vaccine prevents cancer cells from clearing out the debris, forcing it to build up and draw the attention of the immune system.
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Types of Cancer Treated

To date, clinical trials of the DRibbles vaccine have focused on:

Future studies are planned to combine the DRibbles vaccine with other treatments aimed at overcoming cancer.
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