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Books for caregivers of patients with dementia

Dementia happens when a person’s brain is injured and can’t work correctly. It changes the person’s behavior and their body is affected. If you’re caring for someone with dementia, you may find it challenging and stressful. The "Help is Here" books were written with you in mind.

Written by a practicing geriatrician and a family caregiver of a mother with Alzheimer’s disease, the "Help is Here" books offer practical, realistic support for everyday situations.

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Family Caregiver Book


Help is Here: When Someone You Love has Dementia

Written for family caregivers, offering simple strategies to care for your family member who has dementia whether they live with the family member or not.

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Senior Living Staff Book


Help is Here: When a Resident has Dementia

Written for staff in senior residences, explains the staff’s important role and how to handle challenging situations when caring for residents with dementia.

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Leader Manual


Help is Here: When a Resident has Dementia Leader Manual

Written for leaders at senior residences to guide their teams as they read Help is Here: When a Resident has Dementia.

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Libro Para Cuidadores Familiares


Aquí está la Ayuda: Cuando Un Ser Querido Tiene Demencia

Es para cuidadores familiares que están cuidando a un mimbro de la familia con demencia aunque vivan con el miembro de la familia o no. Esta traducción es escrita en lenguaje sencillo y adaptado culturalmente en contenidos e imágenes.

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Meet the authors

Marian O. Hodges, M.D., MPH, and Anne P. Hill, J.D.

Dementia: Help is Here Videos

Learn how Help is Here came to be written and how it's helping family caregivers and medical providers in their lives/practice.

What people are saying about "Help is Here"

"The book reassures caregivers that they are not alone."