Help is Here books for caregivers of patients with dementia

Dementia happens when a person’s brain is injured and can’t work correctly. It changes the person’s behavior and their body is affected. If you’re caring for someone with dementia, you may find it challenging and stressful. The "Help is Here" books were written with you in mind.

Written by a practicing geriatrician and a family caregiver of a mother with Alzheimer’s disease, the "Help is Here" books offer practical, realistic support for everyday situations.

Meet the authors

Marian O. Hodges, M.D., MPH, and Anne P. Hill, J.D.

Dementia: Help is Here Videos

Learn how Help is Here came to be written and how it's helping family caregivers and medical providers in their lives/practice.

What people are saying about "Help is Here"

"The book reassures caregivers that they are not alone."