Cycling analysis and bike fit

Also known as: Bike fit

Cycling is a great way to build fitness and enjoy the outdoors. The sports medicine and rehabilitation experts at Providence Health & Services can help optimize your comfort, safety and performance – so you can get the most out of your ride.

Our experts can help you check for proper bike fit:

  • Are your elbows positioned at 30 degrees?
  • Is your trunk angle at 25-55 degrees?
  • Are your shoulders positioned at 95 degrees?
  • Is your knee positioned over the pedal spindle during your pedal stroke?
  • Is your saddle level?

We also offer customized solutions:

  • Bike fitting for road, triathlon and mountain bikes
  • Video analysis to identify any weaknesses in the way you ride
  • Computer analysis to improve your cycling efficiency and power

Providence Sports Injuries Therapy and Prevention offers comprehensive evaluation and treatment, focusing on returning injured athletes to activity as quickly and safely as possible. Since every sport requires something different of an athlete, your particular sport or exercise routine will play an integral role in your evaluation and treatment plan.

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