CPAP and BiPAP units and supplies

Also known as: BiPAP and CPAP equipment and supplies

Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) is treatment provided by a machine that the patient wears at night or when sleeping. It is the most common treatment for sleep apnea caused by blocked airflow in the throat (obstructive sleep apnea), a sleep disorder in which a person regularly stops breathing for 10 seconds or longer during sleep.
A CPAP machine increases air pressure in the throat. The increased air pressure keeps tissues in the airway from collapsing when a sleeping person inhales.

A bilevel positive airway pressure machine (BiPAP) has two air pressure levels, one for breathing in and one for breathing out. Air pressure for breathing in is usually higher than air pressure for breathing out.

Providence respiratory therapists are experts in sleep disorder therapy. Credentialed respiratory therapists set up CPAP/BiPAP equipment, teach patients about the equipment and offer follow-up care. Their goal is to help patients find the most comfortable, effective therapy and to encourage them to use the therapy as recommended.


Providence Home Medical Equipment offers the latest technology in CPAP and BiPAP equipment and supplies. We also provide excellent training and instruction during your CPAP set-up appointment.

If you have questions regarding CPAP equipment, what to expect during an appointment, or our services, please call us. We have trained respiratory customer service representatives waiting to take your call.

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