COVID-19 Health Care Delays

Updates on elective surgery and other procedures

Your health is important to us.

We have temporarily paused elective surgeries and procedures, to ensure we have the staff and resources available to care for patients with COVID-19.

In time, our facilities will resume more normal operations and be able to reschedule your care. These decisions will be made in conjunction with state and federal government regulations. Beginning May 4, 2020, we will resume some elective surgeries and procedures. We will also take into consideration each patient’s specific condition, and reschedule those with the most critical needs first.

We are committed to ensuring you get the care you need. As new information becomes available, we will contact you directly via phone and/or MyChart message. And when it comes time for your procedure or surgery, rest assured, precautions are in place at all Providence facilities to ensure your safety.

Safety is our number one concern.

Your health and safety are our top priorities. Here are some of the ways we are keeping you safe:

  • Screening for common COVID symptoms for every person entering our buildings
  • Social distancing every place where people go
  • Isolating COVID patients from others
  • Continuous cleaning and disinfecting everywhere in our buildings
  • Everyone wears a mask. This includes patients and visitors.
  • Doctors and caregivers wear necessary personal protective equipment (PPE)