Providence Brain and Spine Institute Research and Clinical Trials

Also known as: Providence Brain and Spine Institute clinical trials, Brain clinical trials
Providence Brain and Spine Institute is dedicated to learning how to help patients live longer, healthier lives through medical collaborations and conducting research and clinical trials, and outcomes/epidemiological research. 

Our research team is leading the way to understanding how to prevent and treat disease, while improving patients’ lives. 
  • Neurologists and neurosurgeons 
  • Clinical trial coordinators 
  • Research nurses 
  • Epidemiologists 
  • Biostatisticians/data specialists 

Providence Brain and Spine Institute researchers, clinicians and physicians collaborate to not only offer clinical trials, but also develop patient registries, publish manuscripts and abstracts and explore population-based outcomes.   

Currently, we are conducting research in ALS, dementia, epilepsy, headache and Parkinson’s disease, including nationally and internationally recognized work within stroke care and multiple sclerosis.