CORE’s 2020 Annual Report: Evidence for Change

Cover of annual report

From the COVID-19 pandemic to addressing systemic racism to an exacerbated housing crisis, 2020 brought significant challenges and opportunities for those working to advance health and equity in our communities. CORE’s 2020 Annual Report highlights how we engaged with partners across sectors on these and other pressing issues and built evidence for change by:

  • Conducting significant research on the COVID-19 pandemic and related disparities
  • Advancing evidence around the impacts of housing on health
  • Helping cross-sector partners build capacity to use data to transform systems
  • Evaluating and supporting innovative, promising, and community-based solutions

Read the report to learn more about our efforts and the partners and funders whose game-changing work we proudly support here at CORE. And don’t hesitate to get in touch if you’d like to learn more.