Our Services

Pediatric Recreational Therapy

The therapeutic recreation team at Providence Child Center provides recreational opportunities for our kids that enhance their health, functional abilities, independence and quality of life.

Pediatric Short-stay Medical Management

Short-stay medical management is available for children who need nutritional assessment and support, seizure management, medical management, post-surgical care, interdisciplinary assessments, pain management and end-of-life care.

Pediatric Specialty Dental Care

Our pediatric dentists and staff provide specialized dental services for children who may be challenged in a typical clinic setting. Our goal is to be the pediatric dental home for families of children with special needs.

Pediatric Subacute

The subacute unit specializes in the care of medically complex children who are ventilator supported, receiving intravenous nutrition, or need significant nursing care.

Respite Care for Medically Fragile Children

Caring for a child with complex medical needs is a 24-hour commitment. That’s why we offer help for families meeting the challenge.