This very specialized cardiac service provides treatment options to people who have advanced heart failure. The physicians and clinical professionals who work in this program are all highly skilled and experienced at treating heart disease. In emphasizing quality of care, we focus on providing the best outcome clinically possible for each patient.

This cardiac service is a community-based program. We work in close collaboration with the referring physicians.

Who can benefit?

Providence Center for Advanced Heart Disease serves adults who have been diagnosed with heart failure. This includes patients with cardiomyopathy, congestive heart failure, valvular disorders and coronary artery disease that is untreatable by other methods.  Patients may be newly diagnosed, or they may have already exhausted the range of treatment options available to them in their communities.

Treatment options

Heart failure occurs for numerous reasons. Because each person is an individual, each needs a personally tailored treatment plan. Our treatment plans are developed cooperatively, with physician and patient working together to design a care plan best suited to that patient.  

Patients may benefit from one or more of these treatment options: 

  • Outpatient consultations
  • National clinical trials of cutting-edge medicines and procedures
  • Advanced techniques in cardiovascular surgery
  • Implantable ventricular assist devices

For additional information related to advanced heart failure, please review our resources