Career building workshops

Providence School Outreach offers free career building workshops.

A Providence School Outreach professional will come to your school or organiza-tion to give a one to two hour workshop on the topic of your choice . Each can be customized to best suit your students’ needs.

Health care career overview
Covers health care workforce projections, a brief overview of in-demand health care careers, and health care careers that require two years or less of postsecondary edu-cation. It is a great intro into the world of health care and career exploration.

Mock interviews and resume writing
Gives students the opportunity to ex-perience mock inter-views in a comfort-able environment. They will also learn tips and tricks for creating a winning resume.

Addresses profes-sionalism in the workplace, and fo-cuses on appropriate professional behavior. Includes an opportunity to practice navi-gating professional dilemmas. This is a great intro into workplace etiquette for stu-dents who may soon be entering the workforce.

Applying for a job at Providence
Breaks down the process for applying for a job within Providence. This works best in a setting where students have computer access to set up a profile and can actually apply for jobs. Students will also gain knowledge of how to apply for future careers as they gain education and experience. Requires a resume and job history information.

Career reflections
Gives students an opportunity for a facilitated reflection, a health care career explo-ration session, and finally an opportunity to create their career goals and objectives.

For scheduling, contact Providence School Outreach at 503-893-6177 or email us.