Cancer lymphedema therapy

Also known as: Lymphedema therapy, Breast cancer therapy, Post-breast surgery exercise program, Therapy, cancer lymphedema

Providence Health & Services offers a variety of rehabilitation oncology programs for therapy related to breast cancer.

General oncology services

  • Inpatient and outpatient occupational therapy or physical therapy assessment and treatment for safety issues, rehabilitation needs (including general strengthening, range of motion, conditioning) or assistive devices.

Lymphedema program

  • Complete decongestive physiotherapy (CDP) involves bandaging for compression, manual lymphatic drainage and exercise for improved lymph flow, skin care, referral for fitting of compression garments and education to enable self-management of this condition.
  • Treatment options include instruction for using a compression pump or one-time consultation for education on self-care/prevention for those at risk for developing lymphedema.
  • LANA-certified lymphedema therapists

Post-breast surgery exercise program

  • Exercise instruction/progression for restoring normal motion and strength to the neck, torso and arms following breast surgery.
  • Patient education on arm care and resuming functional activities.

Instruction in scar mobilization to restore mobility of the skin and to help achieve normal shoulder girdle motion.

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