Bone densitometry

Bone densitometry uses special X-ray equipment to quickly and accurately measure the density of bones. This measurement helps doctors identify people who have osteoporosis, predict someone's risk for fractures of the hip and spine and monitor changes in bone density over time. Providence Diagnostic Imaging uses state-of-the-art bone densitometry equipment to take pictures of bones in the spine, hip and wrist.

Diagnosing fracture risk
Lateral Vertebral Assessment (LVA) is now offered at the Leila J. Eisenstein Breast Center at Providence Medford Medical Center. LVA performed on a DXA bone densitometer provides a highly useful assessment of a patient's fracture status.  The LVA software provides a single view of the spine visualizing from T5-L4, significantly lowering the radiation dose.  This software also allows screening for patients who cannot lie flat on their back.
You might be a candidate for LVA if you are:
  • Over 65
  • Experiencing loss of height
  • Have a history of vertebral fracture
  • Have a history of long-term corticosteroid therapy
  • Have osteoporosis at the hip or spine
  • Are at high risk of vertebral fractures

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Bone Densitometry FAQ

Answers to frequently asked questions about the bone densitometry procedure.