Benedictine infant/toddler childcare

Also known as: Transitions child care, Benedictine transitions child care

Providence Benedictine Child Development Center cares for infants and toddlers in two classrooms: infant/toddler and transitions.

Children in the infant/toddler classroom are from six weeks to two years old.  The classroom is set up to provide a safe area for non-mobile infants, which allows them to be on the floor developing their gross motor skills.  The homelike environment gives children choices of activities.  The teachers make weekly observations and use those to plan activities that promote each child’s individual emotional, social, intellectual and physical development.  The highly qualified teachers are positive role models for social interactions.  They support language and problem solving development.  The infant/toddler room has four children for each teacher, with a maximum group size of eight children. 

In the transitions classroom, children range in age from two to three years.  The teacher promotes literacy by having books available at all times and offers many opportunities for children to write.  Open-ended art projects are provided daily to promote creativity.  Children participate in individual and group projects.  The teacher guides children as they develop self-help skills. In the transitions room, we have five children with one teacher.

Providence Benedictine Child Development Center is a nationally accredited nonprofit child care facility serving employees of Providence Health & Services and the surrounding community since 1989.