Balance and vestibular conditions therapy

Also known as: Vestibular and balance therapy

Besides hearing, the ear provides a sense of balance. If the inner ear, or vestibule, is affected by any of a variety of disorders, a person may suffer from dizziness or a diminished sense of balance.

To reduce the effects of vestibular disorders, Providence Rehabilitation Services offers comprehensive vestibular diagnostic testing as well as vestibular and balance therapies.

Balance and vestibular conditions therapy may benefit people with:

  • Positional vertigo (BPPV)
  • Dizziness, vertigo or motion sickness
  • Chronic light-headedness or disorientation
  • Frequent falls or balance difficulties
  • Neurological conditions

Treatment begins with a thorough evaluation by a physical therapist specially trained in vestibular and balance therapy. The evaluation includes an examination of balance reactions, vision and gait, and - if the patient is at risk for falling - posture, strength and joint mobility. We analyze movements that provoke vertigo and design an individualized treatment program, which may include balance and visual retraining, exercises to reduce sensitivity to movement or canolith repositioning.

Most health insurance plans will cover physical therapy treatment and diagnostic testing. A physician’s referral may be required.

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