Autism parent training program

The Autism Parent Training Program at Providence Children's Development Institute offers a parent-implemented approach to teaching social-communication skills to children with autism and related disorders. The program was developed in 2004 by speech-language pathologist Anna Dvortcsak, M.S., C.C.C.-S.L.P., and behavioral psychologist Brooke Ingersoll, Ph.D. Our therapists who teach this program have been trained extensively under the guidance of the two authors.

The Autism Parent Training Providence Children's Development Institute has two main objectives:

  • To teach parents and families techniques that will enhance a child’s social engagement, language, play and imitation skills
  • To help parents set appropriate goals for their child, based on developmental milestones, family interests and therapy recommendations

A prescription is required for our services. Please speak with your child’s physician if you are interested in autism training. If your child is already seeing a physical, occupational or speech therapist, that therapist can help you by obtaining a prescription from your child’s physician.

Once you have the prescription, please call Providence Children's Development Institute to schedule an appointment.

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Autism Parent Training Program

Social-communication and intervention strategies for parents of children with autism.