Aquatic therapy

Also known as: Therapy, aquatic, physical therapy, aquatic, osteoporosis aquatic class, prenatal aquatic class, arthritis aquatic class, foundation aquatic program
Aquatic physical therapy uses buoyancy and resistance of water to create a unique exercise environment. Our warm water pools make exercise easier and less painful for people recovering from injuries or suffering from chronic conditions. Aquatic physical therapy also uses hydrostatic pressure to decrease swelling and improve joint position. The warmth of the water relaxes muscles and improves blood flow to injured areas. People with muscle spasms, back pain and fibromyalgia typically find aquatic therapy especially beneficial. Providence Rehabilitation Services aquatic physical therapy requires a referral from a physician and an evaluation by a physical therapist before beginning aquatic exercise.

As with any exercise program, check with your doctor to make sure aquatic therapy is appropriate for you.

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