Anti-OX40 enhances immunity in some head and neck cancer patients

March 07, 2018

Anti-OX40, a novel immunotherapy engineered by researchers at Providence Cancer Institute, continues to show promise as a potentially powerful way to treat cancer.

Providence recently completed enrollment in the world’s first study of anti-OX40 in patients with newly diagnosed head and neck cancers. Patients received the drug prior to definitive surgery. Early results have found that the drug enhanced immunity in about a quarter of the patients who were treated, and was well tolerated by the study group. A total of 19 patients participated in the phase 1b neoadjuvant study.

New OX40 study to open soon

Based on these promising results, a similar, expanded phase 1 trial will be opening soon for head and neck patients, as well as melanoma patients. For updates, visit our Clinical Trials website and search by keyword “OX40.”

About OX40

OX40 is a protein with cancer-fighting properties found on the surface of certain T cells. The antibody to the protein – anti-OX40 – activates T-cells to attack cancer cells. Providence Cancer Institute was the first site in the world to offer human clinical trials of the treatment.

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