New! Genteel, the “ouch” free lancet. Now available through Providence Home Medical Equipment.

January 19, 2018

Genteel lancing device.

The “ouch” free lancet for blood-sampling and testing.

lancingdeviceStop the “ouch” and fear of the dreaded, finger-prick with the Genteel lancing device. Genteel painlessly draws blood from many different areas of the body, which improves compliance and allows the user to test more frequently.

What makes Genteel different?

Genteel stops short of nerve endings under the skin:

  • The Genteel lancet only pierces the capillaries below the skin—stopping short of the underlying nerves—unlike traditional “push ‘n poke” lancets that always hit nerves.
  • Varying contact tips allow the user to choose the right tip for different areas on their body.

Genteel is FDA approved for alternate site testing (AST):

  • AST allows the user to choose areas with fewer nerve endings, such as the shoulder, palm and thigh.
  • Using an AST allows fingertips to heal

Download a brochure on the Genteel gentle lancing device

Special pricing may be available. Call or visit us at one of our two storefronts for more information.


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What our users have to say about Genteel:

“Amazing...I bought it for my Type 1 two-year-old but being skeptical I had to try it first.... only did it not hurt but I had enough blood for a test strip. My son didn't even bat an eyelash! As a parent this eases a little bit of the stress of testing, worth every dollar!”
Kari Turner, Mom

“My son River, loves, loves, loves Genteel. His little fingers are most all healed and look like perfect little fingers again.”
Jenna Richards, Mom

“What a find... I’ve only had mine for a few days, but I think I have done more tests over the last few days than I have in the past year! It’s so novel to be able to draw blood from various parts of the anatomy...and not feel a thing. Yes, I am impressed!”
Russell Cooper