60 Minutes Australia features Patient 71, Julie Randall, and Providence Cancer Institute

July 10, 2017
Dr. Walter Urba talks with 60 Minutes Australia about Patient 71, Julie Randall.

With the release of her book Patient 71, Australia native Julie Randall has given cancer patients across the globe hope for life after cancer. Her remarkable story of overcoming stage IV metastatic melanoma was featured in a segment by 60 Minutes Australia chronicling her shocking diagnosis, promise to her family and determination to become “Patient 71” in an immunotherapy clinical trial at Providence Cancer Institute.

Accompanied by a crew from 60 Minutes, Randall returned to Portland, Oregon in May 2017 to speak at the Providence Creating Hope Dinner, a fundraiser for Providence Cancer Center. Randall was instrumental in fundraising for the Providence Guest House, a 30-unit housing facility located one block from Providence Cancer Institute, which opened in 2015 for out-of-town patients and families. Joined by her husband Scott, Randall addressed a crowd of 500 and thanked supporters, doctors and scientists of Providence for helping her keep her promise to stay alive. Scott delivered a simple yet powerful message from their friends and family in Australia: Thank you for giving us back our Julie.

During their Portland visit 60 Minutes Australia reporter Allison Langdon sat down with Randall’s U.S. medical oncologist Walter J. Urba, M.D., Ph.D., director and endowed chair of cancer research at the Earle A. Chiles Research Institute, and co-director of the Providence Melanoma Program, at Providence Cancer Institute. Dr. Urba was the principal investigator on the immunotherapy clinical trial to which Julie was enrolled as the 71st patient – a trial originally intended for 70.

"It took courage for Julie to fight and share her story,” says Dr. Urba. “Despite living through the treatment with our patients we don’t really know what it is like for them as individuals and families. The lessons to me are pay attention to the little things. It is vitally important that we continue to support basic science and medical research until we have treatments which benefit and are accessible to all patients with cancer."

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