Providence Seaside Hospital Bringing Healthy Smiles to Schools in Clatsop County

August 31, 2016

SEASIDE, Ore. – Providence Seaside Hospital’s new school based children’s oral health program is gearing up for the start of the 2016-17 school year! “Providence Healthy Smiles,” was created through a multi-year grant from the Oregon Community Foundation aimed at increasing children’s education and access to dental care.

Starting this fall, Mackenna Taylor, the program coordinator for Providence Healthy Smiles, will assist parents in connecting their child with a dental care organization. She will also help navigate the system for annual and/or emergent dental care needs.

“It can be challenging to get an appointment for your child. I can help you identify the signs of tooth decay or gum infection, so you can make sure your child gets the treatment needed in a timely manner,” says Taylor.

Free dental sealants will also be available. According to the OHA, dental sealants can prevent tooth decay, it doesn’t hurt (no anesthetic required!) and they can seal out germs to prevent cavities. If interested, parents need to return the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) permission form to the school prior to sealant day.

Taylor will be assisting the OHA during its state sealant days at Clatsop County public schools to provide follow-up with parents and/or guardians to ensure students receive quality dental services. She can also answer your questions prior to sealant day to ensure you have the best information regarding your child’s oral healthcare.  

Providence Healthy Smiles is primarily funded through a grant from the Oregon Community Foundation and additional support from Providence Seaside Hospital. For more information about Providence Smiles, please call, 971-601-0479.  If you are interested in making a monetary donation to the program, please call the Providence Seaside Hospital Foundation at 503-717-7604.