Providence’s Efforts to Decrease Opioid Use Include New Online, Interactive Classes for Patients With Persistent Pain

April 21, 2016


Providence’s pain education classes now include an online, interactive option. The online classes are part of a pilot project designed to bring pain education directly to patients and reduce opioid use.


Online classes begin April 27
Registration available at or by calling the Providence Resource Line, 503-574-6595 or 800-562-8964. Cost for the two-hour online class varies depending on insurance.


Opioid dependency is an epidemic in Oregon and throughout the United States. Historically, these medications have been used to help people with persistent pain, which can lead to ongoing dependency. Teaching patients about how the brain processes pain is an important step in reducing opioid use.

Providence currently offers two-hour, in-person, pain education classes to help people who are struggling with persistent pain. However, some people have a difficult time physically coming to class. Others are reluctant to be in a room with others.

Beginning April 27, Providence will offer pain education classes online via interactive webinars as part of a pilot project. The classes are taught by pain education specialists and focus on the brain’s role in processing pain. Patients will have the opportunity to ask questions during the session and receive follow-up information with additional resources.

The pilot will offer six virtual classes beginning in late April and running through June. If the classes are effective, they will be offered on an ongoing basis.