Providence Children’s Development Institute becoming center of excellence for children with special health care needs

March 08, 2016

Resa Bradeen, M.D., regional medical director, Children’s Services

I’m very pleased to announce that Providence Neurodevelopmental Center for Children has been renamed Providence Children’s Development Institute to reflect our vision of becoming a center of excellence for children with special health care needs.

As many as 170,000 children in Oregon need our services, but – as you probably know – there are currently not enough community resources to care for them all.

We’re changing that.

Our new vision, along with the resulting name change, has been in the making for several years. We’ve been recruiting specialists, including developmental pediatricians, nurse practitioners, a psychologist, therapists and an audiologist. We will open a new, specially designed clinic at Providence St. Vincent Medical Center in early 2017. We’re adding additional space to care for more children at Providence Child Center. We’ve also made it easier to schedule appointments, and we’re assessing ways to co‐locate our clinical services, specialty services, and family support programs for better efficiency, information sharing and accessibility for families. These efforts will allow us to nearly double the number of children we serve each year, reducing wait times to receive services.

Another exciting plan for PCDI is to expand our services out in the communities where our families live. For families with a child with special needs, frequent trips to medical centers for therapies and appointments are a daunting task. We’re expanding our family support services through Swindells Resource Center, which is a critical component of helping families with children with special and complex health care needs. Additionally, we currently provide therapy services in Newberg. Plans are underway to expand Newberg’s capacity and to add satellite centers in Vancouver, Wash., Oregon City, and other locations during the next few years.

The need for services is so great that, unfortunately, we still have wait times for patients to see certain providers. However, we usually can get children into some therapies and assessments sooner. If a referral is urgent, please let us know, and we will do our best to meet your patient’s needs. We anticipate access will be expanded incrementally and appreciate your continued patience and support as we strive to help these children reach their full potential.

This center has long been highly regarded as a place for children with developmental challenges to receive medical, psychological and therapeutic services. Our specialists – developmental pediatricians; pediatric psychologists; speech, physical and occupational therapists; audiologists, social workers and nutritionists – use state-of-the-art technology to assess children’s developmental progress in gross motor skills, social skills, fine motor skills, and speech/language skills.

We provide a comprehensive, family-centered approach to helping children with developmental needs, from infancy through adolescence. Our developmental pediatricians work together with our psychologists, therapists, audiologists, dietitians and social workers to create individualized programs for each child. This collaboration allows us to improve outcomes by evaluating each child’s ongoing needs and providing relevant therapies. Our clinic focuses on the importance of play in creating a successful home program. We work with families to create personalized treatment programs designed to help each child reach his or her highest potential.

More information about Providence Children’s Development Institute and Swindells Resource Center can be found at