Help us protect your loved ones from the flu

January 28, 2016

Providence Health & Services in Oregon is taking special steps during this flu season to protect our patients, families and friends. We know that pregnant women, young children and other people who are being treated in our hospitals face increased risk if they are exposed to the flu virus.

Providence has the following special procedures in place:

Family birth centers (including maternity, labor and delivery, postpartum and neonatal intensive care) and intensive care units:

  • Because school-age children have higher rates of exposure to the flu, we are not allowing any visitors under age 18, including immediate family members. The only people under age 18 allowed are those who are the significant other of a patient, or the parents of neonatal intensivecare infants.
  • Only two designated support persons per family may attend the birth. This will limit the chance of the virus being brought into the hospital from the outside.
  • Please have no more than two visitors in the hospital at any one time.
  • Please be aware that people can spread the virus up to 24 hours before they have symptoms.
  • Healthy newborns will room with their mothers to limit any potential exposure.

Other areas of the hospital:
  • No visitors under age 18, with the exception of immediate family members.
  • Please have no more than two visitors in the hospital at any one time.
  • Patients who have a fever plus a cough or sore throat should wear a mask to protect others.
  • Hospital staff will take extra care to prevent viruses from being spread between patients. This may include wearing gowns, masks, goggles, gloves and other precautions.
  • We will separate patient care areas, when necessary, to help prevent the spread of viruses.
  • There are no visitor restrictions to patients receiving end-of-life care, but we will ask those visitors to remain in the patient room and take appropriate precautions.

How you can help:
  • Please ask any visitors who do not feel well or have flu symptoms to stay at home.
  • Please do not bring children under the age of 18 to our maternity units. Please make arrangements for care of your child prior to going into labor.
  • Please tell your visitors about these restrictions. Ask visitors to consider waiting to see you until you return home.
  • Please make sure to cover your mouth when coughing or sneezing.
  • Please ask visitors to do the same.
  • Please wash or gel your hands frequently, especially when you enter and leave a patient room.
  • If you are sick and feel you must be with the patient, you will be asked to wear a mask and clean gown as well. You must stay in the patient room while in the hospital.

For more information, please contact our information desk.

These temporary steps will help us provide the safest care for you and all those who come to our hospital. Thank you for your help in protecting all the people who come through our doors.