Providence Thoracic Surgery Program: Providence launches “Chest Watch” for high school students to observe live lung surgery

November 17, 2014

Providence Portland Medical Center offers high school students the opportunity to take a field trip to the hospital where students and teachers can observe a live surgery – typically a lung cancer operation or other chest surgery – taking place in one of the hospital’s operating rooms.

Providence launched Chest Watch to offer advanced science students a close-up look at various aspects of the health care field and the opportunity to earn extra science credits.

What you can expect at Chest Watch:

  • An operating room nurse, social worker, anesthesiologist and pathologist explain the anatomy/physiology of what the students will be observing and describe what the patient is likely to experience.
  • Thoracic surgeon John R. Handy, Jr., M.D., visits the amphitheatre in his scrubs before surgery to describe the case to students. He then heads to the operating room and begins the surgery, which will be broadcast live onto a big screen in the amphitheatre.
  • An audio feed will enable students to question the doctor in the operating room and hear his responses. At the end of the procedure, Dr. Handy visits the amphitheatre to answer students’ additional questions about the procedure and discuss careers and opportunities in medicine.
  • In addition students will learn about Providence Tobacco Cessation and Prevention Program to encourage a non-smoking, non-tobacco use lifestyle.
If you would like to learn how your school could participate in a Providence Thoracic Oncology Program Chest Watch, please contact Providence School Outreach Program.