Providence Heart Clinic at the Oregon Clinic Gateway receives national recognition by the National Commission on Quality Assurance

May 01, 2014
A Providence clinic has received national recognition from the National Commission on Quality Assurance for its participation in the NCQA’s Patient-Centered Specialty Practice program.

The Providence Heart Clinic at The Oregon Clinic Gateway is one of three clinics that received the national recognition. All three clinics are the first in Oregon to receive the recognition, and the Providence Heart Clinic is the first cardiology clinic in the country to receive it.

The recognition is given to clinics that have proven they can work alongside medical homes to coordinate referrals and the care a patient receives. The effort to achieve the NCQA’s recognition was started by the Portland InterHospital Physicians Association (IPA), which started a pilot program for the three recognized clinics and two others.

Dr. Xiaoyan Huang, M.D., cardiologist at the Providence Heart Clinic and Lesley Jones Larson, clinic manager, says they are proud to be part of the Portland IPA pilot program and to receive the recognition.

“The NCQA standards for specialty practice allows specialists to put the patients at the center, connect better with primary care providers, hospitalists and other specialists,” Dr. Huang said. “Gaining NCQA recognition is not an end but only a means for us to continuously improve quality, access, patient safety and satisfaction. It is what we have always done, but need to do much better.”